Why Hire a Home Care Aide Through an Agency or Registry

The Tasks Of a Home Care Aide

Elderly people, or those with a serious disability or illness often need help with everyday tasks such as cooking, shopping, bathing and ironing, and a home care aide is responsible for providing this assistance. An aide providing care and support for an elderly womanThe aide, or home care assistant, also helps with vacuuming, cleaning, mopping and other basic household chores. Helping to care for pets and taking their patients to appointments are also typical responsibilities, although many aides find that their biggest responsibility is simply providing companionship.

Should You Hire Privately or Through An Agency or Registry?

It makes sense to hire a home aide by using the services of an agency or registry, even though it can be tempting to bypass the agency to save money. The employer is considered to be the person or agency that actually pays the aide’s salary, and they have all the responsibilities that any other employer has.

Another reason to hire an aide through an agency is to ensure that the cost of any medical expenses will be covered by the agency/registry if the aide becomes injured while working. Many of the tasks required of the aide are potentially difficult and strenuous and can often lead to an injury, such as lifting or moving the patient, perhaps in and out of the bed or a bath. An agency/registry may also be required to pay the costs of disability payments and / or workers’ compensation, as well as covering the costs of medical treatment. An agency can be fined if they aren’t registered with the government as an employer.

Often, a home care aide who has been working with the same patient for a long time quits the job and applies for unemployment insurance. As a client, you run the risk of paying unemployment taxes and back taxes, if the aide’s unemployment taxes haven’t been paid, another reason to use an agency or registry.

The above won’t be an issue if the aide is classified as a self employed independent contractor, and some aides make sure they do everything correctly. However, not all home care aides are responsible and thorough, and most clients simply don’t have time to monitor their aide to make sure they are correctly retaining independent contractor status.

Agencies and registries are required to stay in compliance with the various local and state regulations imposed on their industry, meaning that working through an agency or registry minimizes the chances of running into problems. Of course, you want your loved one to receive the best possible service, and working through a professional service will also help to ensure that the client’s needs are consistently being met. Aides working for a service will have a supervisor, and are able to get immediate assistance with any issues. Home care agencies and registries also carry out FBI background checks before hiring a home care aide, something that most of us don’t have the inclination to do. These checks ensure that home care aides are honest, trustworthy and hard working, and the chances of hiring someone unreliable are kept to a minimum.

An agency/registry is also able to provide backup if one of their aides is sick or simply can’t make it to work on a given day. This ensures that an infirm or older person will always have the help they need, and is another good reason to use an agency.

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Varying Duties of a Caregiver

Before you hire a home care giver, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of caregivers. Within this group are home health care workers, nursing care assistance, and non-medical services provided by Caregivers. For a reasonable stipend, you can employ a Caregiver who will take care of various domestic services. They will prepare meals, provide companionship, and help patients with their ADL. This stipend would be significantly higher if you paid a medical professional to take care of these services. Home Care Aide Reading to Elderly Woman

By examining basic Caregiver duties, you will know what they can and cannot do while they are taking care of a patient. You will also find out which certifications are permissible and necessary so you can choose the right attendant for your loved one.

Allowable Home Care Aide Services

When searching for a Caregiver, it is best to learn about the task they can perform while on duty. It is also a good idea to learn about the task they are not permitted to perform. A home care aide can:

  • Assist your elderly family member with hygiene-related care (bathing, washing).
  • Helping your loved one with their social mobility
  • Laundering clothes and taking care of light housekeeping duties
  • Taking your senior family member to their doctors appointments and running miscellaneous errands.
  • Providing social comfort through conversation, companionship, and recreationIn some cases a senior family member may need a little more help than a caregiver can provide. If need be, you may need to hire a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to provide the extra assistance.

Normal duties of a CNA

  • Keeping vital sign records
  • Helping with oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical equipment
  • Changing catheter and colostomy bags
  • Feeding elderly patients who are unable to feed themselves (only if they can sit upright and swallow)CNA’s cannot perform medical duties such as giving injections, medications, and treating wounds. If the senior patient needs these services, the nursing assistant will need to secure the services of a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Nurse Practitioner.Since the CNA has some medical knowledge, they can do a good job of monitoring the patients condition. They are also capable of performing the same duties as home care aide (housekeeping, errands, etc).

    If the family can afford to do so, they may hire a full-time Caregiver and a part time CNA. They may also seek help from an LPN, RN, or physical therapist if their loved one happens to need professional assistance.


In-Home Care For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens now prefer to receive their care in-home, rather than having to reside within a home-care facility these days, recent studies have shown. Senior and home care aide holding handsIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why, either. Most of us would like to reside in our homes for as long as possible throughout our lives and that includes our Golden years.

Now, there are some limits when choosing this type of care, as most in-home care specialists are trained only to a certain degree. Furthermore, making sure you choose caregivers who are experienced and pleasant to deal with is definitely of significant importance.

Before a senior citizen makes the final decision to stay at home or not and receive care there are things they must consider. Here are some relevant thoughts to keep in mind that may help:

The location of your home – Are you close enough to the necessary amenities and resources we all need to survive? In-home caregivers aren’t always available to assist, which means you may have to venture out on errands and appointments by yourself.

Can you maintain your home? – Between maintaining a safe home environment and adhering to municipal laws, your home has to be kept up in order to be inhabitable. If you can no longer keep up your home it may be time to let others do it for you.

Close family and support – Being elderly, we have a very hard time surviving without some kind of support group nearby. Do you have family and friends who live close to you that can help out in times of crisis?

Physical health – We all need to be healthy in order to get around and if you find yourself suffering from significant physical health conditions then it may be time to look into alternatives to in-home care.

Your financial situation – While residing in a senior citizen care home isn’t inexpensive itself, in-home care isn’t either. Make sure you have the finances to cover caregivers’ wages if you plan on going this route.

The list above is not intended to deter you from the decision of utilizing in-home care. It is there to assist you in choosing what is best for you and your loved ones. It’s your life, live it as comfortably as you can, while you can.